Penji Kenya: Tips to maintain a healthy relationship

Penji Kenya: Tips to maintain a healthy relationship

One of the most talked-about topics in the music and film industry is romance. There are literally millions of songs and films that are dedicated to romantic relationships and discuss the different ups and downs of being with another person. 

There are lots of different relationships with unique situations of their own. This is what makes love such a fascinating topic. People want to find their ideal partner and it’s proven to be a difficult task for most. 

When you do end up finding a partner, the next challenge is keeping the relationship happy and healthy. It’s no use being in a toxic relationship where you’re unhappy and your mental health is going down. This is why you need to maintain your relationship and find out whether or not it’s worth it to stay. 

Be grateful for your partner 

One of the biggest issues in a relationship is when partners take each other for granted. You’re so used to your boyfriend or girlfriend doing things for you that you always expect them to go above and beyond. Well, it’s important to remember that you need to appreciate what they do for you and vice versa. 

Show that you are grateful by telling them you’re thankful for them and what they do. You can also return the favour in some other way and let them know that you can see their efforts and want to do the same thing for them. 

Go through the ups and downs of life together 

As the wedding vows say, couples need to be together ‘in good times and in bad’. Life is not a perfect journey and people will definitely have their high and low points. A good partner will stay true to you no matter what the situation. So, when things become difficult, the only thing you need to do is to be there for each other. 

There are some people who immediately ditch or retreat at the first sign of trouble. This means that they are not ready for a long-term commitment or don’t care for you enough to stay. This is also a telltale sign that you should look out for in a toxic partner. 

Affection is key

While trust, communication and gratitude are all key elements of a healthy relationship, it’s also important to show affection towards each other. It’s an act of love that you cannot always find in your other relationships. 

They say that every person has their own love language. Some people like to show their love with acts of service, physical affection or words of affirmation. Either way, always show your partner that you care by showing or letting them feel affection, whether it’s physical or not. 

Be vulnerable with each other 

As previously mentioned, it’s so important to be there for your partner in good times and in bad. This also means breaking your walls down and letting someone else see who you truly are. Avoid acting like somebody you’re not with your partner. This will only make your relationship more complicated and difficult. 

Whenever you’re going through something difficult or you want to open up about something, don’t put your guard up. In a healthy relationship, you should be able to let your guard down and express yourself freely. 

Don’t be afraid to be playful with your partner

One of the best things about relationships is that not everything has to be so serious. While it’s true that you need to tackle the harder things in life, it also means you get to enjoy the lighter side of things. Feel free to let your hair down and just be goofy with your partner. 

You can do small things like play cute pranks, tease them a little bit and even mess around whenever you’re together. This will help you create memories and cherish the time spent with each other. The more you’re comfortable with your partner, the stronger your relationship will be. 

Cool down before talking about something serious 

No one can avoid fights in a relationship. What really matters is how you’re going to handle it and patch up the situation. If you’re going to be talking about something serious or you’ll be confronting your partner on a sensitive topic, be sure to stay calm and level-headed. 

The last thing that you want is for two people to be angry and to say things that they don’t mean. It could lead to more problems and cause the fight to escalate. Instead, stay calm and try to think rationally even though you feel upset by the situation. 

Take responsibility for your mistakes

All people make mistakes, and it’s a part of life. When you make mistakes in a relationship, you need to be apologetic and take responsibility for what you did. Make it up to your partner and help them understand that it won’t happen again. If it’s the other way around, try to be understanding and calm even when you’re upset. 

No one wants a partner who constantly makes mistakes and blames them on other people. After all, nothing is more attractive than a person who is humble and able to accept when they have done something wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s completely fine to do so, just be sure to handle it properly. 

Keep the spark and intimacy alive

Physical affection and intimacy is also an important aspect of a relationship. It’s the next step in connecting with your partner and deepening your ties with each other. So, even if you’ve been with your partner for several years now, even if you’ve gained weight or changed a little bit, don’t be afraid to show love for the other person. 

You can go for a romantic date night, try something new together or even keep things adventurous in the bedroom. When you keep the spark alive, there is always something to look forward to in the future, and you will never get tired of waiting for new experiences to come. 

Be positive and look forward to new things together 

The whole point of being in a relationship is for you to find a partner to start your life with. Whether you want to travel the world, have children or pursue your career, there is always something to look forward to. The same should be said for your future with your partner. Are you planning to build a house together or travel around the world? 

It’s important to be positive and also look at the bright side of things. Make plans for the future five, fifteen and twenty years from now because it will help strengthen your ties with each other. 

Balance other elements of your life

One of the things that most people forget is that a romantic relationship is just one branch of your life. You also have your family, career, hobbies and social life to think about. When you successfully balance and pay attention to all of these things, it will create a positive impact on your relationship as well. 

Your life is not defined by your partner and the same goes the other way around. Keep things healthy and balanced, and focus on other important aspects of your life too. 

Understand self-care and the importance of your mental health

In order for a relationship to thrive, you need to be a good person on your own first. This is the reason why some people break up with their partners to ‘fix’ or ‘work’ on themselves. When a person is struggling with personal issues or mental health problems, this can cause strain on your relationship. 

So, before you focus on another person or your relationship as a whole, be sure that you are in the right state of mind first.  When you have a better grip on your mental health and what you want in your relationship, then that’s the time to pursue it. 

The importance of communication in a relationship

There is no perfect relationship in the world because everybody has problems and everybody will have a fight. The only thing that really matters is how you’re going to handle it. In the case of romantic relationships, it’s so important to be open and honest with your partner, and this is where communication comes into play. 

One of the reasons why communication is so important is because it helps you understand your partner. When you’re having a disagreement, it pays to listen to their side of the story and compare it to yours. Be patient and learn how to listen even when you’re feeling angry or upset. The last thing you need is for two people to be emotionally compromised at the same time. 

Most couples forget that communication is a two-way street. If you expect your partner to do it with you, then you need to do the same for them. The only way for it to work is if you both commit to being open and honest with each other.