Four future decisions that you have to prepare your child for

Your duty as a parent stops at providing for their basic needs and giving them the emotional support that will help them develop an ideal character. However, you can still influence how they live the rest of their lives by becoming a source of wisdom for as long as you are with them. They will be faced with the following four decisions that you had to make in your life so be a great example for them so they can take the best options:

Life plans

Rather than asking what they want to do as a profession, it is more important to ask children what they want to do when they grow up. Let the question be abstract so they can be as broad with their answers as possible. Some will dream of travelling the world, helping the needy, or establishing a store near home. 

Penji insists that this will paint a more vivid picture of what kind of person they will become than asking them what they want to do for a living. There is only so much a child can imagine if they are stuck with the idea of becoming just a professional in any field. Letting them focus on what they want to do at least once is more exciting to think about than what they want to do repeatedly until retirement. 

Skills and trade to master

Adolescents with a dream job have a tendency to avoid all sources of income that is not related to their desired profession. Instead of giving them a dream job, let them explore possible career trades that will eventually help them realize their life plans. This will encourage them to explore different skillsets and schools instead of focusing on just one. Such mindsets also allow them to be humble enough to take small jobs for when they are young and inexperienced. 

Family plans and residence

It’s important to let your children imagine a world where their only obligation is to themselves before you give them an idea of starting a family. Teach them that the only good time to start a family is when they are either satisfied with their life as a single or that they met a great partner. Let them understand the difficulties that you faced when raising them and what decisions would you rather have done differently. Your goal is to make your child a better parent than you were for your grandchildren’s sake. 

Travel plans 

The desire to travel always appears in peoples’ hearts but only a few had an urge strong enough to enact it. You can encourage this idea by giving them enough financial support to open it as an option. Penji notes that some adolescents will prefer saving up for it with their own effort as a present to their parents but you can still keep those savings in reserve to boost their morale. Of course, you also have to clarify whether you want to travel with them or not so you have to discuss it.