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We have been dating for a year and a half and now I dont see us taking it to the next level with my current boyfriend because of some differences we couldnt resolve. So far everything has been fine but now I need to move on. How do I end it without hurting him

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Mrembo akuna relationship huisha vizuri one of you must get hurt either way. I think you should just sit him down and tell him your reasons for a breakup may he will understand.
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Just start showing disinterest slowly like if he asks for sex you say you are not in the mood or ignoring text and he'll start loosing interest as well and then you finally tell him.Its not a better way but it softens the pain.
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It looks like you are over him already however ,I hope you two could talk things over but if it doesn't work then you will have had a common understanding as to why a breakup will be necessary. From there you can just sit down and end things and with time he will be able to deal with pain.
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