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We have been dating for a year now and my boyfriend just got a scholarship to a European country of which he may only be coming back after a year. I feel like I may not be able to wait for such a long time and am afraid he might find someone else there. Any advice please or anyone who has been in a similar situation and how did you go about it?

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For starters I must say that long distance relationships are tough especially if you started with a short distance one. However, I know people who have done it successfully. I think you should just give it time first and see how it goes.
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I was in a similar situation some times back and it did not work for me. First it starts well with communication through skype but starts to grow weaker with time and before you know it you are making new friends and boom you find yourself losing interest. But that was my story I think you should give it a short first.
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Mrembo if you truly loved each other then distance should not affect your relationship. just keep the communication interesting and steamy and everything will be okay.
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Am currently in one and everything is working just fine but communication is key, however if you have trust issues then it might be tough for you
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I think you should talk to the guy also to make sure that he is into to it as well , otherwise you may end up dating yourself, some people aren't just into long distance relationships.
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