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My girlfriend cheated on me with another guy and later came to apologize saying that she didn't mean to. I feel like I should forgive her since we have been in a relationship for long but I don't think I will ever trust her again. Any advice might help

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I think you answer lies in the question, You said you dont think you will ever trust her again and trust is the pillar of any relationship. If that's the case then I would advice you to forgive her and move on with your life you will find a perfect person worth your trust.
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There must be something that made her go out because I believe most ladies have sex for a reason rather than just satisfying their sexual desires. If she made the decision I think that may not be the last one you better forgive and move on
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If you are willing to live with a bruised ego for the rest of the relationship then take her back if not just let her go you wont be able to trust her again.
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