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I wanted to know if NHIF offer cover for someone diagnosed with dental problems

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Its also important to note that NHIF offers different services and so its important to inquire with them based on the service you pay for. There is Inpatient, Inpatient, Linda mama, Supa cover, civil servants and Eduafya sercices. Like the handbook mentioned by @Lucy is for civil servants.
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Yes, NHIF offers cover for dental care which includes  dental consultation, orthodontics, root canal, dentures, Cost of filling, X-rays and Extractions including surgical extractions together with anaesthetics fees, hospital and operating theatre cost. The Dental Cover can be accessed as per the provided limits in Table B on a Fee for Service basis. Check their civil servant handbook for more

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Yes, they cover dental services but it depends on your hospital. some hospitals can charge you for dental treatment on the nhif card but some excludes it and thus you'll have to pay for it externally.
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