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There is this lady I have been friends with for 6 months and I thought she feels my vibe so nilijaribu kumkatia but alikataa saying she likes me as a friend. I got bored and deleted her number and even unfriended her on facebook. Lakini later we ran into each other and exchanged contact and she even sent me friend request again. I thought that she finally gave in but no. Funny thing is that sometimes we even kiss when together. Now am confused coz i already made it clear that i wanted a relationship and not friendzone. Am I reading the signals wrongly ama?

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I think she sees you as good friend she doesn't want to loose. However, if you feel that the friendship is  not working for you then you should just tell her. Thats just my opinion
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Mi naona ukubali tu kua friendzone huyo dame hakufeel
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Thats what they call situationship, me I think you need to sit her down and explain your situation and let her decide whether to have a relationship of break the friendship.
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