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We have gotten back to communication terms with my ex after breaking up for a year and a half because of miscommunication. There was an incident where she felt that I was cheating on her (which was not the case) while i was out with may friends. I tried to explain but she didn't understand hence the breakup. However, met a year later and started talking again. Recently, she has been responsive and am afraid that we  might get back together again. Is it advisable or we might end up breaking up again?

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From experience I have tried getting back with my ex before but it did not work out. I think the problem is regaining the lost trust. Once lost it becomes difficult to earn each other's trust and the moment you have trust issues then the relationship is bound to fail...... just my opinion
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Bro mimi I would advice you give the relationship a second trial I mean there was no serious reason for the breakup other than a a mere miscommunication and if you can iron things out then why not get back together.
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Looks like you guys still love each other why not give it a trial if you can resolve your past issues
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I don't see anything wrong with that, you just have to work on your communication going forward coz that seems to be the reason of the first breakup.
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